The Grin Reaper

Welcome to The Grin Reaper, a fantasy comedy universe set in a universe that surrounds ours.


The universe of the play is our Earth which the characters visit on official business, the anteroom of the afterlife and places that mythological creatures reside in such as The Afterlife Bar & Bistro. The characters in the play can freely move between these locations at an affordable cost. When carrying out official duties this cost is borne by Corporate.

As a fantasy, the normal laws of physics do not necessarily apply to the characters, especially when comedic effect is enhanced by breaking them but we do try to give logic, no matter how twisted, to explain away the breaches.


The Bunny’s Tale: Our first play. It traces part of The Easter Bunny’s spiral into a series of desperate scams to try and make up the shortfall in her chocolate egg budget. The play begins with DEATH discovering the latest scam & by the time it ends you discover that everything revealed in the opening scene wasn’t exactly true.

The War on (Father) Christmas: Is set 23 days after The Bunny’s Tale. DEATH, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth fairy are summoned to the North Pole for a team building exercise but things go wrong and DEATH ends up mixing with a revolutionary underground dedicated to freeing the elves from slavery.

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