Scene 1. DEATH is having a bad day. Things start OK with its regular hospice run then it attends a fatal car crash to discover that The Easter Bunny (“Buns”) has revived the driver. They argue & Buns reveals that quality demands & high prices have forced her into the nefarious practice to allow her to sell limbs to The Amputation Angel.

Scene 2. Buns & The Tooth Fairy (“Toothy”) meet in a cafe where they discuss how DEATH caught Buns in the act. The Amputation Angel & Buns’ sex positive lifestyle are expanded on. DEATH arrives and Buns leaves shortly afterwards leaving Toothy & DEATH to discuss DEATH’s feelings on HR and the bad blood between it and Famine,

Scene 3. Famine & DEATH meet in the same cafe. Some bad blood is aired while Famine tries to convince DEATH to rejoin the band.

Scene 4. DEATH and Toothy at a cafe. They discuss DEATH’s fears for Buns’ safety & reveal the truth about The Amputation Angel. Buns returns as Toothy is leaving. DEATH & Buns talk about how difficult corporate is making things for the workers. Buns accuses DEATH of never breaking the rules so DEATH says “Watch this” and does a parody pub quiz.

Scene 5. HR confronts DEATH at an accident and tries to get it to betray Buns. For once bureaucracy betrays HR.

Scene 6. The resolution. DEATH & Buns depart the stage hand in hand. What? Is this a rom-com or something? Thankfully not.